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Canada Holidays API

The Canada Holidays API lists all 30 public holidays for all 13 provinces and territories in Canada, including federal holidays.


  • Get all holidays with associated regions
  • Get all regions with associated holidays
  • Get federal holidays
  • Get national holidays
  • Get upcoming (“next”) holiday for each region
  • Get holidays for multiple years: 2017, 2018, ⋯ 2025, 2026.
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There's an OpenAPI spec at Canada-Holidays-API.v1.yaml and a SwaggerHub page where you can test the endpoints.

There’s also a basic overview on GitHub if you’re a “read-the-first-and-last-chapter” kind of person.


I’ve collected references to all the sources I’m using for each region in Canada, so data returned from the API should all be accurate.

Mistaeks do happen, however — lemme know if you spot any.

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